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»Mission 1 Walkthrough ☆ Case of theMissing Puffles«

· Talk to Aunt Arctic. She tells you that her two puffles and her camera are missing.
· Go to the Ice Rink, pick up the pictures to the right, and place them in your inventory.
· Now, go back to Aunt Arctic’s igloo and give the pictures to her.
· Go to the Pet Shop and pick up the note on the puffle house. Use your code box to figure out what the note says.
· Next, go to the Sports Shop and talk to Gary the Gadget Guy (behind counter) and ask him does he have any special items. He will then ask you a question, which you will answer based on what the note said. Then ask him can you see some spy gadgets. He opens the cabinet revealing a grappling hook, and a life preserver shooter.
· Go to the Iceburg and you will see some penguins stranded on a broken piece of ice. Click on them and talk to them. Then, take the life preserver shooter from your inventory, click right in front of the penguins, and you can try to save them. Use your mouse to move the target in front of a penguin and click once to shoot the life preserver at them. Watch out for the wind though, it can throw the preserver off track.
· Now, go to the Ski Hill and talk to the penguin. Use your Spy Phone wrench to fix his telescope. Click on the telescope to look through it. Hold your mouse over the left arrow button on the screen, and soon you will see the green puffle flying around the mountain.
· Go to the tallest mountain and use the grappling hook to climb up to the top. You will see both puffles. Take them back to Aunt Arctic and talk to her.
· Claim your award and letter, then click End Mission.