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»Mission 6 Walkthrough ☆ Questions for a Crab«

· First, talk to G. Then the Crab Translator 3000 will blow up and the crab escapes. Follow the crab through the Gadget Room door, through the HQ door, and through the Sport Shop door. At the Ski Village, you will see the crab get on the Ski Lift and go up the mountain. Talk to the two penguins in the Ski Village if you want to. Go up the mountain. Then you will see the crab jump off the ledge. Follow him. Then there will be a small scene where you and the crab are falling down the mountain. You lose your map during the fall. Anyway, keep following the crab.
· You end up at a cave door. The crab goes in through the small door, but the big door is locked. Then go right, to the place with the stump. Here, you will find the black puffle, who is hungry. Go left, to the place with the log. Use your scissors to cut down the bag of O’ berries. Put the bag in your inventory.
· Now, go left, to the place with the stump. Give the black puffle an O’ berry. Then the black puffle will be your friend. Now go right, to the place with the cave. Put an O’ berry in front of the small door. The black puffle will go in the small door and unlock the big door for you. Follow the puffle into the cave.
· When you get inside, a cage will fall on top of you and the black puffle will hide behind a rock. Then, the polar bear will start talking to you. Klutzy, the crab takes your spy phone. Herbert P. Bear, the polar bear tells you how he got to Club Penguin. He tells you about his plan to chop down the Ski Lodge to make a big bonfire. Then when he runs out of firewood from that he says he will chop down other buildings. Then Herbert and Klutzy leave and the black puffle comes out.
· Then look around the room until you see a cage lift. Put an O’ berry on the lever at the far right of the cage lift. The black puffle jumps on top of the lever and the lever goes down, making water come out of the spout, hitting a pan, forcing the pan to turn right. Put an O’ berry on the left side of the pan. The puffle will jump on the left of the pan forcing the pan to turn left. Then put an O’ berry on the lift next to the wheel. Then, the puffle will jump on the lift, and the wheel will move making the cage lift up.
· Gather some of the items around the room. Get the rope, the hook thing, the hot sauce, and the Electro Magnet 3000 blue prints. Now click to go out the door. When the door opens, some snow falls off the roof blocking the doorway.
· Add the hot sauce to an O’ berry and put it in front of the door. The black puffle will burst into flame and go out the door flying. Then go right, to the place with the stump. Now go left, to the place with the log. Now go left, to the place where you ended up after falling off the mountain. Combine the rope with the hook. Now click to go up the mountain. Use the grappling hook you made to go up the mountain. Now go down to the Ski Village, into the Ski Lodge, and out the back door. Here you will see Herbert complaining about being hungry.

· Go to the Pizza Parlor and get the Seaweed Pizza. (He won’t eat any of the other pizzas.) Now go back to the Ski Lodge. Go through the back door. Click on the pizza in your inventory. Now click on Herbert. He will eat the pizza. While he is eating the pizza, click on the lever below the crab, changing it from green to red. Then when Herbert gets through eating, he will fix the machine and the crab will turn it on. It’s in reverse now so it goes backwards taking Herbert with it.

· The machine will crack the iced over pond and Herbert, Klutzy, and the machine will go into the icy water. They escape the water and go onto the land on the other side of the pond. Then G comes and talks to you. His phone rings and he says its for you. It’s the polar bear. He tells you that this isn’t the end. Now tell G about the polar bear’s cave. Give G the Electro Magnet 3000 blueprints.

· Get your medal and your gift, and click End Mission.