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»Mission 4 Walkthrough ☆ Avalanche Rescue«

· First, talk to G and get him to let you into the Gadget Room. Get the Life-Preserver Shooter and go to the Lighthouse to get a rope. (It’s in a boat.)
· Next, go to the Ski Lodge, get the fishing pole, and combine all three.
· Go to the beacon, and use your wrench (in your Spy Phone) to unscrew the telescope.
· Go to the Sports Shop and take the belt off of the penguin mannequin. Go upstairs to Gary’s Room. Put the telescope near the window, and look through it. You will see the path to the lost penguins.
· Next, go to the Ski Village and talk to the crying penguin. Use the belt from your inventory to fix the Ski Lift, and grab the white fur. Go up to the mountain top and take the path. (It’s the same path you saw in the telescope.) When you reach the end of the path, click above the path (between the broken wood), and you can rescue the penguins.
· Destroy the sticks in the way, pick up the first penguin, and then the second penguin. Drop the second one on the first platform, and pick up the third penguin. Put them all on the first platform, and they’ll push the rock, making the fourth penguin bounce up to another platform. Pick up all three penguins, and pick up the fourth. When you get back to the top of the mountain, talk to G, and give him the fur.
· Claim your award, medal, and letter and click End Mission.