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»Mission 2 Walkthrough ☆ G’s Secret Mission«

· You’re in the Sport Shop. Click on G to talk to him, and ask him about your mission. He gives you a riddle to solve. Talk to him again and tell him the answer is ‘mogul’. He shows you his new sled, and tells you he wants you to test drive it for him. Pick up the sled and put it in your inventory.
· Go to the Ski Mountain, select the sled from your inventory, and click on the sign that says ‘TEST RUN’. Try to dodge trees, logs, and other items that may destroy your sled. Eventually you will crash though.
· After the crash you end up in an unknown area. Pick up the Survival Guide in front of you, and the rope to your left. Take the path to your right, (with the log) and pick up the ski from the bush. Now, take the path to your right. You see a bunch of puffles dancing. Click on one of them and they all run away, except for the black one.
· Take the path in front of you, and collect three O’ berries from the bush. Go right, and click on the the tree trunk a few times, and a pan will fall out. Pick up the pan and place it in your inventory. Go back to where the black puffle was, and feed him an O’ berry. He’s your friend now. Take the path to the far left, and pick up the log. Combine the ski, an O’ berry, and the rope and you will have a fishing pole. Use it to catch a fish. Put the fishing pole and the fish into your inventory. Get the pan out of your inventory, and place it in the water to fill it up. Now, put it back in your inventory.
· Next, take the path with the cave. Clear the bushes and go into the cave. Inside, click on the rocks to move them around the circle, put the log onto the rocks, and put the Survival Guide on top of both. Move until the puffle is standing in front of the log and give him your last O’ berry. The fire is started now, and you can put your fish on it to cook. After the fish is cooked, click on it to eat it.
· Put the pan filled with water on the fire and after it starts boiling click on it to drink it. You will fall asleep, and when you wake up the puffle is gone and your fire is put out. Go outside the cave and a secret agent flies down. Talk to him, and he’ll take you back to G. Talk to G and the mission ends.
· Get your medal and letter, and click End Mission.