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»Mission 10 Walkthrough ☆ Waddle Squad«

· Pick up the broken solar panel from the box near Rookie. Talk to G, and Herbert will come on the monitor screens. Rookie tells him about the Golden Puffle in the Night Club. The Director (leader of the PSA) will come over another monitor and G will tell you the ‘Golden Puffle’ was really bait for Herbert.
· Go to the beach and talk to Jet Pack Guy. Go into the Lighthouse and click on the Cream Soda barrel. Go back outside and talk to Jet Pack Guy. Give him the barrel.
~Pour the 8 beaker into the 5 beaker.
~Pour the 5 beaker into the 3 beaker.
~Pour the 3 beaker into the 8 beaker.
~Pour the 5 beaker into the 3 beaker.
~Pour the 8 beaker into the 5 beaker.
~Pour the 5 beaker into the 3 beaker.
~Pour the 3 beaker into the 8 beaker
· Go to the Dock and talk to the green penguin. Ask him can you use the rope
· Go to the Gift Shop and talk to the green penguin behind the counter. Take the table against the wall, the box, and the pile of clothes and put them into your inventory. Go outside and set up the table.
· Talk to Rookie inside the Gift Shop. Take the solar panel from your inventory and put it on the wires at the end of the magnet. Connect the Solar Panel to the wires.
· Next, go to the Night Club and turn so you can see the cage. Put the rope you got on the machine next to the cage (with the lever). Click on the lever and the machine will malfunction. Use your wrench from your Spy Phone to open it. Click inside after it opens, and fix the gears.
· Go to the HQ and Jet Pack Guy will call you telling you Herbert was spotted at the Dock. Head on over to the Dock, and you’ll see Klutzy holding a ‘fake’ Herbert. He runs away when he sees you.
· Rookie will call you next, and tell you Herbert’s at the Night Club. Go to the Night Club, and you’ll see Herbert grabbing the Golden Puffle. While he’s laughing, cut the string with the scissors from your Spy Phone and the cage will fall on him. He’ll lift the cage up, but the magnet comes through the wall to the Golden Puffle. Herbert is trying to get the puffle. Grab Jet Pack Guy’s jet pack off his back, and put it onto the cage. The cage moves over and traps Herbert. G will come, and Rookie gives Herbert his Spy Phone. Herbert escapes.
· Claim your medal and gift, and click End Mission.