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»Misson 5 Walkthrough ☆ Secret of the Fur«

· Talk to G, then click on the Furensic Analyzer 3000. Use your comb in your spy phone to remove the fur, and it’ll go into the machine. Next, talk to G again and analyze the fur you found from the previous missions. Take the fur and click on the Furensic Analyzer 3000. Put the fur into the slot. It will tell you it’s an “Unknown Specimen”, and perform a secondary scan, identifying hot chocolate, hot sauce, and jet pack fuel.
· Talk to G again. Go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the penguin cleaning up. Ask him if you can take some chocolate sauce & hot sauce, and talk to him again and he’ll ask you to deliver a pizza for him. Pick up the chocolate sauce, hot sauce, and pizza. Put them into your inventory. Also, turn around and pick up the candle off the table, and put it into your inventory.
· Next, go to the Ski Village and go into the lodge. Head out the fishing door, and give the pizza to the penguin.
· Go to the town, and into the Coffee Shop. Talk to the penguin behind the counter. Ask him can you fix his coffee machine. Click on it. Use your wrench on your Spy Phone to tighten the water and milk lines. Put your wrench back into your inventory, and pick up the cup. Place the cup where it says “Press for Hot Chocolate”, and take the Chocolate Sauce from your inventory. Pour the Chocolate Sauce in the bowl at the top, and press the button. Take the cup, and place it in your inventory. Talk to the penguin again, and go back into the Town.
· Now, go to the Lighthouse and talk to the two penguins. Go up to the Beacon and you’ll see the Jet Fuel on a balloon. Go to the HQ, and into the Gadget Room. Get the AC 3000, and go back to the Beach. Get the net from the pile of stuff beside the lighthouse and put in your inventory. Go back up to the Beacon and use the AC 3000 to blow the Jet Fuel to the top. Use the scissors from your Spy Phone to cut the balloon from the Jet Fuel. Place the Jet Fuel into your inventory, and go back to the Gadget Room. Talk to G, and give him the Hot Sauce, Hot Chocolate, and Jet Fuel.
· Take the goggles, and go to the Lighthouse. Pick up the rope from the boat. Combine the rope with the net, and it’ll make a trap. Go to the Ski Lodge and talk to the penguin hiding under the couch. Go out the fishing door, and you’ll see a creature. Get the trap, and place it on the tree. Pick up the candle from your inventory and put it on the trap. A crab comes out, and gets caught in the trap. The other creature runs away, but leaves some of it’s fur behind. Pick up the fur and crab, (put both in your inventory) and go back to the Gadget Room. Talk to G, and give him the crab. Take the fur and put it in the Furensic Analyzer 3000. It tells you about the bear.
· Get your medal and gift, and click End Mission.