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»Mission 7 Walkthrough ☆ Clockwork Repairs«

· First, talk to G about the broken clock tower. Afterwards, watch the Snow Forts monitor to see what happened to it. You’ll see Herbert & Klutzy taking the gear from the clock. Put the code key into the lock on the cage beside the Gadget Room, and take the magnet/gadget.
· Go into the Gadget Room and get the Life Preserver Tube. Now, go to the Beach and get the sand bucket. Go to the Snow Forts and fill the bucket up with snow, and put it back into your inventory.
· Next, go to the Iceburg and use the magnet to get the spring (in the icecube in the water.) Now, go to the Town and talk to Rookie. Get a picture of the gear from him, and head on over to the Dock.
· Talk to the two penguins there, and challenge them to a game to get the missing Clock Tower target back. After the game, take the target, and give them the life preserver tube as a new target for their game.
· Go to the Pizza Parlor, and pick up the sheet of paper beside the piano. Take the paper to the stage, click on the piano there, and place the paper on the stand. Play the colored keys in the order that the colors are on the music sheet. The yellow puffle comes out, and stands next to you. Give him the picture of the gear, and the bucket of snow. Take the bucket and the gear, and put both in your inventory. Next, go to the Gadget Room.
· Go left until you see the machine called “Test Chamber”. Put the snow gear in it and click the lever to make it turn. Click the lever again and the gear will come out. Put it back in your inventory. Now, put the ice-cube with the spring in it into the machine and click the lever. After the ice melts, press the lever again. Take the spring and put it into your inventory.
· Go to the Snow Forts and put the target on the side of the Clock Tower, the gear into the Clock Tower, and the spring on the side that’s missing one. After you do that, the worker penguin will talk to you. Herbert calls you on your Spy Phone next, and afterwards G will come to the Snow Forts and talk to you.
· Collect your medal & award and click End Mission.