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»Mission 8 Walkthrough ☆ Mysterious Tremors«

· Talk to G, and he tells you about some earthquakes. Go to the Dock and you’ll see Herbert and Klutzy in a underground machine they built. Talk to Herbert, and his map blows away. Klutzy tries to catch it, but he ends up chopping it in half. They leave.
· Go through the town, and you’ll see the two papers blowing away. One gets stuck on the Night Club sign, and the other goes towards the Snow Forts.
· Go in the Coffee Shop and help pick up the cookies off the floor. The Coffee Shop worker lets you keep a cookie for helping him.
· Next, go to the Gadget Room, and get the hat off the rack near G. Go back to the town and put the hat on the green puffle, give him the cookie, and he’ll fly up and get the paper stuck on the sign for you. Pick up the paper and go to the Snow Forts.
· You’ll watch as the other half of the paper goes by. Follow it into the Plaza and go into the Pizza Parlor. Order a Double meat pizza with extra grey fish from the penguin behind the counter. Take the pizza out to the Plaza and give it to the green penguin. Tell him you’ll trade it to him for his newspaper. Take the newspaper and take the broken half of paper from it, and combine the two halves together..
· Go to the beach and pick up a net from beside the Lighthouse. Go inside the Lighthouse, and ask the penguin can you take the balloon box. Put it in your inventory and talk to the penguin to the left trying to fix the broken barrel. Get a barrel of cream soda and go to the Gadget Room.
· In the Gadget Room get the wooden mallet off the wall behind the table (near G). Ask G can you take the Super Helium. Pick it up and go to the Sports Shop. Take the wooden pegs beside the tent.
· Go to the Dock. Pick up the lantern next to the tunnel, and then go down the tunnel. Use the map Herbert lost to guide your way through the tunnels. When you get past the first set of tunnels, click on your lantern to see. Finish going through the tunnels, and you’ll come upon the Gift Shop.
· Get a balloon from the box and put it on the Super Helium to fill it with air. Take the barrel out of your inventory and start to shake it. Then, put it underneath the Gift Shop and the soda will blow the Gift Shop back to where it’s supposed to be.
· Go to the town, and put the helium-filled balloon next to the Gift Shop. It’ll rise up. Put the net underneath the Gift Shop, and use the wooden tent pegs to hold it down. Get the wooden mallet out of your inventory and hammer down the wooden tent pegs.
· Go back to the Gadget Room and talk to G. Then, go back to the tunnel, and go to the place where the Gift Shop was in the ground. There’s a tunnel there now. Go through it, and you’ll see Herbert’s machine. Use your wrench to take the missing Clock Tower gear out of it. Put the gear into your inventory, and go through the hole in the wall. You’ll see Herbert and Klutzy messing with the boiler in the Boiler Room. When you catch him, he’ll get mad, hit the boiler, and run.
· G calls you on your Spy Phone, and you have to fix the boiler. Rearrange the pipes until they all connect, then G will call you again. Go to the HQ and talk to G. Give him the gear.
· Claim your medal and award, and click End Mission.