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»Mission 3 Walkthrough ☆ Case of the Missing Coins«

· Talk to Rookie, and he closes the vault door. He forgets the combination.
· Go into the Gift Shop Manager’s room, and go right until you see the sofa. Click at the bottom of the sofa to look under it, and pick up the paper clip and the disk.
· Go left, and click on the computer. Turn it on and insert the disk into the drive. Now, click My Files (on the computer), and click Combination_Number. It gives you a different combination every time. After you get the number, go back downstairs and open the vault door.
N = North (top one)
E = East (right one)
S = South (bottom one)
W = West (left one)

· Go inside the vault, and click on the coins inside. Talk to Rookie. G will then call you, and tell you to meet him in the HQ. Then, talk to him and watch the video. Afterwards, ask G does he have any suggestions, and he will give you a key. Click the drawer and pick up the gold key at the top left.
· Go back to the Gift Shop and go to back into the Gift Shop Manager’s room. Unlock the door that says ‘To Roof’, and go through it.
· Open your Spy Phone, click tools, and get your wrench. Open the power box with the wrench, and put the paperclip inside and the box will explode. Pick up the piece of fur from the drain and put it into your inventory. Go back to the vault, and click on the money. Go the the HQ and give G the fur.
· Put on your Night-Vision goggles, (if you don’t have them look on the table under the map.)
· Go to the town, and talk to the crying penguin. Next go into the Night Club, and turn on your Night-Vision goggles. Walk to the speaker leading to the boiler room, and click on the fuse box. Read the instructions first, and complete the puzzle.
· The power comes back on. Go back outside and talk to the penguin. Now, go back to the HQ and talk to G.
· Get your medal & thank-you card, and click End Mission.